The Ashen Coast, comprising a three hundred and fifty mile length of the east coast of southern Tribea, was once known as the Glow-worm Coast, for the comforting sight of its many villages all along the shoreline.
Two decades ago, however, all of that changed. Over the course of one bloody summer, almost every settlement along the coast, regardless of size, received a visit from the pirates of the Sunset Isles.
Those who could not flee or hide either died or wound up in Ashar, on the slave blocks.
Since that bleak time, few have dared to resettle in the ruins of dead towns, fearful of both unquiet spirits and renewed visits from the slavers. Many survivors simply fled. Many more made their way either to the few remaining untouched towns north or south, or set out upriver, hoping to make new, happier lives for themselves far from the sea, and the dangers it brings.

The Ashen Coast